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The Best Platform beds

Are you looking for Platform beds,Owning one is the new trend.They are slowly replacing traditional beds

They have a powerful look to your bedroom meaning that the sturdiness of these beds do not disappoint.

The modern platform bed is stylishly constructed to match any personality and to blend well with existing furniture.Buyers are now exposed to countless choices when it comes to platform beds<>

here are some reviews of some of the best platform beds in the stores

Platform beds have been around for the longest of time.A platform bed is mostly loved for its uphostery natute and ability to hold a variety of mattresses.Below is our selection of the best platform beds

Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats, Queen


You will love the leather headboard finish.This platform bed will add glomour to your bed room.

It comes in different sizes which includes

  • Full size Platform bed
  • Twin platfom bed
  • queen size platform bed
  • King size platform bed

The bed is sturdy enough with no creeking or squeking at night

What we did not like about about this bed

  • The slats are not thick enough.
  • It has a middle support bar the may restrict storage of items underneath with ease

Zinus Modern Studio 10 Inch Platform 2000 Metal Bed Frame


This is a low seating bed.A great piece to have if you have toddlers,they will have an easy time accessing the top and you will not worry about them falling off.

It is a metal frame bed with wooden slats with an upholstered nature.They are evenly distributed to give your mattress a firm support.The manufacturer has put plastic covers on the legs to protect your floor from scratches.

Most buyers like its ease of setting up.It does not come with the fancy parts like the head board and foot board.This makes it an easy to assemble bed.The bed alows for easy addition of a head board if you happen to purchase one.

DHP Dakota Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed, Queen, Black


This is a perfect bed for light weight persons.It comes with middle of the bed support bars to improve on the sturdiness of the bed.Its low sitting bed,meaning there little or no underneath space.Its easy to set up and will only take an hour of assembly time.

You will like its faux leather finish with tufted buttons.Once assembled correctly it seats well without any need of a box spring as an additional.

It comes in all sizes.Queen, twin as well as full size platform bed sizes.

What we did not like about about this bed

  • The slats are not thick enough.

Murray Platform Bed with Wooden Box Frame, Mahogany Finish, King


You will love the cool mahogany finish.This wooden piece is sturdy if assembly is done to the letter.It comes with wooden slats that can hold most matresses.

What we did not like about about this bed

  • Can not hold heavy people.

Cherry Queen Mate’s Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers


Another great IKEA platform bed.Its a queen sized platform bed with a complement of drawers that most platforms don’t have.Its made of quality wood that requires keen assembly to ascertain sturdiness.

Coaster Fine Furniture 300260q Bed, Queen


If you like stylish items then this slick piece of furniture is a perfect fit for you.

The bed will blend well with your bedroom decor and add that stylish touch we all desire

Its very sturdy too and rarely wiggles or squeaks

Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Bed with Footboard, Queen


It has a metal rail with a middle bar that runs from the headboard to the foot to prevent the mattress from sagging.The foot-board is High enough to prevent the mattress from moving.

It comes with other size such as full size as well as king size.The bed is low profile meaning that you can comfortably seat on it while you feet touching the ground say when reading a book or simply meditating

Prairie Collection Twin Storage Bed Country Pine finish


The twin platform bed adds a traditional feel to your bedroom.It has storage drawers to keep some of your items.the bed is sturdy as it looks and promises a good comfortable sleep.Its a perfect sleeping place for your son or daughter.

Due to it size,it can only accommodate one person.It can be used as a guest bed or an office bed or use it in your studio.

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