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Perfecting The Guest Bedroom Look With Sheesham Wood Beds

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Designing the guest bedroom brings us immense joy as we can showcase our creativity and smartness to our friends and relatives who use it. Moreover, being a good host means providing the best space for your guests to stay. In case you are the person who loves people around you, then you are sure to invite guests home. In that case, it is essential to incorporate all the necessary furniture in the guest bedroom to make your friends feel comfortable and sophisticated.

A guest bedroom should be designed to attract the eye of the visitor. This gives the guests a feeling that the place is well designed and smartly furnished. In addition to the comfort and sophistication, add a personal touch and work on your interior décor to display your own innovations and creativity. At the end of the day, your family and friends should feel relaxed and content in the bedroom. Make sure your designs and furniture style leave a mark in their minds. Wakefit provides you with such a type of adaptable and trendy furniture for you to choose from. Here are a few points that help you give a dashing look to your guest bedroom with Sheesham wood beds.

Why should you opt for a Sheesham wood bed?

Sheesham wood is the most preferred choice for all types of home furniture due to its quality and elegance. Below are a few factors that add to why you should go for a Sheesham wood bed in your guest bedroom.

Strong and durable – Sheesham wood is known for its hard nature and long-lasting life. One should not compromise with the quality of a bed. Buying a bed of poor quality adversely affects sleep patterns and health. Sheesham wood feels hard and does not creak or make noise over time. Its durability and permanence seek everyone’s attention easily. It is best for your guest bedroom as you cannot provide a creaking bed to your guests. It might affect your reputation. Sheesham wood is also resistant to termites, bugs and insects by nature. So, you wont have to burn your pockets for maintenance every few years.

Blends easily with your room décor – The hard nature of Sheesham wood and its inherent resistance to deterioration allows the manufacturers to experiment on wood engraving and wood carving work. This design or pattern of carvings can be engraved uniformly on all types of furniture in the room. Moreover, the colour shade of Sheesham wood varies from deep brown to golden reddish-brown. These colours are easy to match with any interior décor. You can easily match your wardrobes, bedside tables and wall shelves with the Sheesham wood beds. This wood also has interlocked grains that feel rich and appealing to the eye.

Helps in managing storage space effectively – Nowadays, most people reside in modern-day apartments where there is a space crunch. You might not have enough space in the house to store all your bedding, clothing and accessories. Sheesham wood beds are available with storage options that help you manage your storage well. Since it is your guest bedroom and you want to provide the wardrobes for the usage of guests, you can always store all your unimportant stuff in your storage beds. It could be your bedding, towels, accessories or anything that you may not need frequently. This helps you maintain the room clean and clutter-free. Once the clutter is cleared, it is easy to create an organized and dust-free bedroom.

It gives a classy look – Sheesham wood bed is your best bet as it can bear a lot of wear and tear while carving them. Their hard nature allows the manufacturer to create the best designs in the market. This will also enhance the aesthetics of the room to give a classy look. The wide selection of shades makes it a fantabulous choice of bed for several people. Also, the easy carving option helps you to go for an intricately designed headboard. They’re fine gains, and the extravagant texture feels like the icing on the cake. Sheesham woods are well built and can be customized in any design. If you have a design in your mind and want to implement it, the easiest thing to do is to apply the design on a Sheesham wood, as it helps in easy carving.

Cost-effective – Unlike teak wood beds, Sheesham wood beds are competitively priced, are easily affordable and, at the same time, long-lasting. They have premium qualities that can be available at affordable rates. Storage beds also prevent you from investing in another wardrobe to store all your accessories. Many may not have the financial ability to buy teak woods. Sheesham storage beds are the best option for them.

Available in various types and sizes – Sheesham wooden beds with storage options come in different sizes and types based on usage.

What are the sizes available in the market?

Single bed – These beds can be placed in small rooms or guest bedrooms.

Double bed – These double bed sizes can fit small guest bedrooms and kids’ bedrooms.

Queen size bed  – This is slightly larger in size and can be used in bigger guest bedrooms.

King size bed  – This is a huge-sized bed used in master bedrooms with a good amount of space, but if you have enough space in your guest room, add them and make your guests get the royal feel.

Types of Sheesham storage beds:

Box Storage type beds – These are opened from the top and are almost equivalent to having a full-sized wardrobe

Drawer Storage type beds – These are small drawers on either side of the bed


If you want to choose a wooden bed online for your guest bedroom, make sure the size is adaptable to your bedroom, feels rich and appealing to the eye. Your guests should have a comfortable stay while being with you using Sheesham wood beds.

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Tips & Tricks To Create A Modern Dining Room

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A dining room is where the family sits, laughs and eats. It is an expression of togetherness. Most conversations start over here. Such a space cannot be neglected or ignored while designing. Many homes may already have the traditional schemes. It is time to upgrade your home to add a touch of class and style. It feels sophisticated and well arranged. The dining room is an intimate family space that requires extensive care and popular dining décor. Try and express your personality or make a real statement in furnishing the dining room, giving it the best patterns and classic furniture. Never mind if you have a small space, as the size doesn’t matter, but the style does. It’s the right place to play with colours and textures to make it the best place for your family to sit down and relax during meals and snack time. One of the easiest and long-lasting trick to create a modern dining room is to choose the best furniture available in the market. Wakefit makes your work easy by manufacturing the best dining sets and other furniture suitable for your dining room. 

Choose Sleek and Stylish Furniture

There are plenty of options available in the market when it comes to furniture sets for dining space. The most important thing to look into is whether it suits your space and style. Suppose you’re bored of old crackling chairs and tables it’s time to revamp your dining space with classy and sleek furniture. The modern look opts for more natural colours with fewer carvings and delicate textures. This type of furniture could be tables with less weight and at the same time sturdy. If you don’t have a large space, you can go for informal dining space with compact furniture fitting your urban homes and minimal sizes. Large rooms could have any type of style as there are no space constraints. The main aim should be to delineate the space. Define zones for tables, chairs, storage shelves, wall shelves etc. You could also add a nice comfy couch in the corner paired with lovely pillows to chit chat in the evenings if space permits. 

Keep it Neat and Simple

Keeping your dining space neat and less crowded restores the calmness in your soul. Using mild furniture instead of the bold and heavy ones gives a softening touch to the people who use the table. Dining chairs are again another important parameter to look into before organising your dining space. A dining chair should feel light, neat, and free from noise. Only then it is easy for everyone in the family to move their chairs forward and backwards while sitting and getting up. Being simple is the new cool. Gone are the days where there were bold and heavy furniture. Now is the time for some nice textures with a fresh feel and contemporary tones.

Match your Furniture with the Décor

Before you pick a dining table or chair, make sure it blends with the room décor. A lovely wooden table with matching chairs and comfortable cushions would complete the look. Dining chairs are to be chosen carefully, as they need to strike a balance between the room décor and the dining table. You can also select dining furniture online matching your window frames and doors. Make sure all the furniture in the room complements each other very well to give a lively feel for the entire family. You can introduce different types of furniture in your dining space like corner bookshelves to read a book during your tea time and wall shelves to display art pieces and family photographs etc.

Play with Colours

Dining sets come in different varieties and colours. There are different tones and textures of wooden dining tables and chairs available in the market. Choose the right one that matches your dining room walls and décor. Once the dining table is set, focus on the dining chairs. Try using different coloured patterns of cushions for your chairs to give either a bold and flashy look or a subtle look. You can use bright colours if you want your dining room to look funky and cool. If you want it to be a little matured, counterbalance it with white and blue colours to make it look more contemporary. If you already have heavy and traditional furniture, try softening the look with pastel colours and mildly textured cushions.

Know What’s in Trend

Dining tables and chairs are available in different shapes and sizes. The oval and round dining sets can accommodate more people than the square and rectangular ones. Also, choose unique shapes of wall shelves to display your favourite art pieces and trophies. Choose eight-seater or six-seater dining sets if you have more than five people in your family. You can also customise the size of your table according to your will and wish. Try the retro finish if you have a liking for old drama. If you have an old dining table, try matching it with modern dining chairs to balance the look. Don’t be afraid to use vivid patterns and unique shapes. 

Modernise your Traditional Furniture

If you don’t want to waste money on new furniture but still want a new modern dining room, try attempting mild usage of colours or go for a complete white look with the cushions. If you have a sofa in your dining space that is old and traditional, replace the cushions with pastel colours to give a subtle feel. You could also polish your old table and chairs with dark brown shades or walnut shades. Sometimes you can convert your old furniture to vintage ones by accessorising them with striped cushions and bold colours. You could also place a nice old ceramic vase over a wall shelf to add to the vintage look.

A dining table is the focal point of the dining space, surrounded by dining chairs that complement the walls and the décor. Use your creativity and innovation to create affordable and stylish designs. There are many choices available in the market that suits all styles and budgets. Choose wisely the perfect one to create a modern dining room.

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Figuring Out A Wallpaper Singapore Set For Your Home


I often tend to begin by considering the style of a Wallpaper Singapore set first. Wallpaper is a big centrepiece, so you want to ensure that the design is consistent with the rest of the room as well as the home itself. Certainly you can constantly mix and also suit styles in your house, but this is a huge point to take into consideration.

Power up a feature location with an abundant graphic. Tropical palms personify The golden state cool and also will have you completely in holiday setting. If you prefer a splash of colour, take a look at these feature wall ideas.

Using greyscale and monochrome designs

Gloomy grey

Neutrals come in all type of styles, including this wonderful, storm cloud-effect paper, which matches a grey cooking area. Having problem picking a wallpaper? Take a look at wallpaper websites for inspiration from their picture galleries. It will certainly assist if you can visualise your design in a genuine kitchen.

Subtle grey texture

Just like with paint, the colour of the wallpaper can switch depending on the sunlight. So it is necessary you observe it at various times of day prior to devoting to a style.

Gery scale gentle floral

Small-scale flower or botanic designs always function well in kitchens. For the best outcomes, select a basic graphic in a dynamic colour, or a detailed pattern in a neutral.

White and black geo

Select an ageless, classic graphic design to avoid it coming to be obsoleted. Prints like streaks, plaid, spots or geometric designs are evergreen options.

Monochrome pattern

Select a wallpaper with heaps of character, such as this wacky op-art empowered wallpaper. From a distance, it looks like an abstract design but up near, it features fun character specifics.

White train floor tile wallpaper

Ceramic tile backsplashes are stunning, yet you can get the graphics on a budget with plastic wallpaper. Present patterns are for realistic synthetic rock, marble, brick or ceramic tile. Right here, you ‘d never ever think this metro “tile” is wallpaper.


Seize the day to be a little daring by opting for peel-and-stick wallpaper. It’s an excellent method to attempt something new on a much more momentary basis, as you can conveniently swap it out without harmful wall surfaces. Just how around attempting an unusual design for your splashback, such as these dashes? As well as make certain you read our blog site on kitchen splashback concepts for more layout ideas.

The fabric of the wallpaper

The material is an additional important factor to consider to concentrate on. The fabric selected must be durable as well as simple to attach on a wall. Cleaning it ought to likewise be very easy. Vinyl is a proper material to pick. It is not only easy to clean but additionally relatively cost effective.

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Three Awesome Decor Designs

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Designing any living room is a lot more than painting a couple of walls and adding newer and more effective furniture. Having a complex layering of design ideas, interior decor and lighting features, any unique design theme could be imitated. What’s really fantastic about decorating with decor products is that it’s a personal reflection of what you are and just what your likes and designs might be. On top of that, designing with decor could be a economical method to decorate on a tight budget. Play one or many of these three awesome ideas within your house.

French Inspiration

French design styles are classic and stylish additions to your rooms. The family room, a bed room as well as the restroom all can take advantage of the appearance of a French decor. Curling lines and fantastic fabric patterns dominate wallpapers, draperies and bedsheets. Light colored forest assistance to bring the accent furniture’s features out of the patterns and make up a contrast store the room elements of design together. Fine features like glass figurines, pewter sculptures and cream colored candle lights give a decor effect that denotes a French accent.

French Inspired Tip: Cream colors and chevron wall coverings aren’t the only real typical French decor design. Bombe’ decor products add a little feminism to the French decor design theme.

Basket Decor

Baskets employed for decor design can produce a unique wall tapestry, add a little country or layer shelves with African mystic. Because virtually every cultural design theme has some kind of basket within their past, most decor design styles may benefit with the help of baskets. Matching and mixing baskets together can produce a layered design theme.

Basket Decor Tip:Keep colors and tones much like keep basket decor from being overpopulated with clutter. Mixing different sized baskets results in a straight line effect that meets lengthy or tall walls well.

Cottage Chic

This stylish yet eclectic design combines the contemporary appearance of in france they cottage style using the chic country. Amazing earthy light colors and tones flow with the design theme. Vintage furniture keeps the design of country styling while vibrant and bold vegetables, reds and blues produce a contrasting color to draw in the attention and concentrate in your decor design. Floral patterns on glass vases, brass bookends and colored white-colored pine wood furniture help set a dark tone with this unique and fresh decor design theme.

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Great Kitchen Decor Designs

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No kitchen design theme is finished with no great decor plan. Without proper home accessories and decor, your kitchen area design could be boring and bland. Make use of this guide for creating great kitchen decor design and you will be sure to obtain the right diamond necklace of design and decor for that ultimate kitchen.

Preparing In Advance

Without proper planning, your kitchen area redecorating project may not review very well. A great arrange for kitchen decor design starts with developing a budget. Knowing what you can spend before you begin buying house decor will help you obtain a good begin in the best direction. When a number for the budget continues to be established, it’s in your own interests to produce a cost breakdown list. This enables you to define the decor design in the beginning. Knowing exactly what is going on to your kitchen design will help you prevent pricey impulse buying mistakes. With the proper decor plan, you will get probably the most value for your money.

Ensure that is stays Consistent

Worthwhile kitchen theme is just just like its decor design. Table adornments, paintings along with other decor accessories that do not suit your design theme only prevent your kitchen area design. By continuing to keep decor designs consistent, you be sure that your design looks good. Metallic paintings might look wonderful inside a modernistic themed kitchen design, but other home accessories just like a floral patterned flower vase won’t. Keep the favorite decor products only when they suit your kitchen design correctly.

Lighting Displays

Lighting plays a huge role in almost any kitchen design. From washing dishes to cooking dinner, task and ambient light sources help to make a kitchen area function. But accent lighting helps you to display your table decor, household goods and wall adornments perfectly. A great decor design are only able to be correctly showcased when lighting solutions like accent and aesthetic lights focus light on your decor design.

Locating the Space for Displays

A kitchen area space can be hard place to demonstrate table decor along with other small decor products. Finding a spot for these can be challenging at the best. Shelving, mantelpieces as well as on the top of cabinetry could be a good way to showcase your decor design. Glass faced cabinet doorways as well as an interior lighting setup could possibly be the ultimate kitchen area to show your decor products. Built-in cubbyholes in kitchen islands could possibly be the perfect place for your house accessories and decor. Surfaces is very limited in lots of kitchens because of cabinetry and appliances. Make the most of wall spaces like backsplashes to show paintings and decor.

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Top Three Cheap Interior Decor Designs

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It’s not necessary to get costly interior decor products to create your renovation project seem like millions of dollars. With the proper budget decor, you will get the right decor the perception of any room in the home. Begin using these simple techniques to save money on your redecorating. With the help of one or many of these worthwhile techniques, you will be sure for the greatest decor design possible, despite a restricted budget.


Among the all-time how to use cheap decor inside your room design is as simple as employing using mirrors. Mirrors help reflect light to a lot of different angles from the room. Mirrors assistance to accent regions of the look, create a space feel bigger and brighten eye shadows. It is also a terrific way to get great looking paintings out of your design without costing a lot of money. Oblong mirrors especially look great when they’re combined tighter inside a mosaic pattern. On top of that, mirrors may also be pieces of art themselves when coupled with an elegant frame.

Developing a display

Mantle pieces, shelving and tabletops all supply the perfect access for displaying clutches of products. For example, a bed room dresser top could be instantly changed into a varied display full of glass vases, candle lights or antique books. This excellent shabby chic design can transfer with other design options as fast whenever you combine like products displayed. Charger plates could be a great gathering place for trinkets and household goods, allowing you to further produce a unique, unique display that cost just pennies, but appears like it came straight from the sunday paper.


Decor products for that walls are an incredible way to benefit from cheap but room altering designs. Walls with fundamental colors are boring and bland. Transforming an area design by altering the paint color is a very common tactic for a lot of designers. But plain paint does not need to be the only method to then add pizzazz for your decor design. Produce a matching paint pattern to complement the wall decor. Strie, ocean sponge and glaze layering each one is unique painting techniques to help you get the most from your paint, without squandering your greater than you really can afford.

But paint is not the only method to transform a dull and fundamental wall. Wood panels arrived at the save with budget elegance. Easy and cheap to set up, wood wainscoting could be installed using only a fundamental saw and wood glue. A seat railing is stuck to the peak to complete the cap. Colored walls or wallpaper is utilized over the wainscoting. Incorperate your favorite wall decor for that epitome of affordable opulent decor design.

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Ultimate Bathroom Decor Designs

home decor

Are you currently searching for that epitome of bathroom decor design? Then your search is over! These ideas would be the perfect way to get the most from your bathrooms design. Without proper home accessories and decor, your bathrooms design might be bland and boring. Begin using these techniques for that epitome of bathroom decor design.


An excellent bathroom idea, the Asian inspired theme, is a fantastic way to obtain a unique and stylish look. From bamboo to chopsticks, Asian inspired house decor is a brilliant way to obtain the most from your bathrooms design. Fundamental colors like brown, eco-friendly and tan all give loan to the neutrality from the Asian inspired interior decor. What’s especially great about using Asian interior decor is the fact that it’s plentiful, so you are sure to obtain a unique and fascinating group of decor for the bathroom space.

” Old World “

Also referred to as Toscana, this awesome bathroom decor design features marble bathroom shelving, opulent fixtures and Dorian posts. Colors are usually natural and mellow. Browns, tans and creams are accented with wealthy and dark forest or leather. Rough textured wall coverings and smooth marble tiles produce the perfect ” old world ” feel in almost any bathroom design.


A fascinating option for any bathroom, this dark and sophisticated design theme is ideal for individuals who enjoy a little story book within their lives. Castle-like fixtures and taps dominate while home accessories produced from wrought iron add a little the negative side for this amazing bathroom decor design. Deep purples, wealthy reds and dark browns give a twist of color towards the decor.


Tropical themed bathroom decor design is a terrific way to produce a soothing and relaxing space inside your bathroom. From coconut scented candle lights and soaps to seashells and sand on the charger plate, tropical decor design is a terrific way to obtain a awesome design in the tropics. Starfish, seahorses and clown fish paintings all add awesome design theme.


By using using black and white-colored colors that dominate the look landscape, interspersed with vibrant and bold colors like blue, red and yellow, the modernistic decor design theme attracts the attention along with the mind. Advanced elements of design like sharp angles and glossy fixtures blend perfectly with metallic paintings and new wave home accessories. Decor accessories like oblong mirrors will help reflect and refract lighting sources to keep the modernistic theme white-colored and vibrant through the design.

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