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Full Size Daybed

Here is our best full size daybed collection with their sets as well

Full size Daybeds

Full size daybeds are the trending living room furniture today.They allow you to have a comfort of a couch as well as being utilized as a bed whenever you have guest.If you do not have an extra bedroom for your guests,why not consider purchasing a full size daybed for your living room.

DHP victoria Full size metal daybed


The bed is big enough to fit a standard size mattress. It can be used as a normal bed as well as a couch for an extra seating space in your living room. With round finial post, white color and brushed metal frame, the bed will add that attractive effect to your living room or your bedroom.

If you do the assembly the right way, the sturdiness of this bed can be compared to none. It promises a comfortable sleep with no squeaks for the longest time.

The bed’s slats are made of metal which means no box spring is required. The 20 slats are evenly distributed ensuring that the mattress does not sink.

From the first look you may think that it is hard to setup, actually it is not complicated at all. It will take you less than hour to assemble.

If you are looking to supplement the full size daybed with a trundle, this full size daybed has an underneath height of about 15 inches, an enough space to fit most trundles easily.

The bed is not shipped with a mattress; you should source for an appropriate mattress once it arrives. We suggest a memory foam mattress that will add comfort you seek.

Dorel Living Morgan Full size Daybed, Espresso


If you are looking for the best wooden full size daybed then you should give this one some thought. It is made of pine and spruce wood. Wood beds are renowned for their sturdiness if assembled correctly and this one does not disappoint on that.This is a stylish, good-looking piece of furniture. Its espresso finish will blend well with the rest of your home décor.

The bed comes with wooden slats that are perfectly positioned, meaning you wouldn’t require a box spring to support your mattress.Being a full size daybed it can easily accommodate a regular full-size mattress. The bed is sold without a mattress and therefore it is up to the buyer to source for an appropriate mattress.

It is very spacious for a daybed ,two people can sleep comfortably side by side. There is plenty of room under for storage as well or fitting a trundle bed

What we did not like

It takes a lot of time and effort to assemble, it is a two person job, but once its assembled, this is a versatile full size daybed solid wood and appears to be of really nice quality piece of art.

DHP Manila Daybed and Trundle, Full size daybed


The metal bed is a fair piece of art. You will love its white color finish. DHP company is known for making quality metal beds. You will appreciate this bed.

With enough underneath space, the trundle can smoothly slide in and out.Its light weight makes it easy to move the daybed around when trying to position it in your living room.

The slats are evenly spread out making the need of a box spring unnecessary. The bed as well as the trundle will easily hold a normal full-size mattress. The bed can accommodate two adults sleeping side by side, this makes it a perfect choice for a guest’s bed.

With proper tightening of the bolts, the bed promises not to squeak at all. Correct assembly guarantees sturdiness for a long time. The beds assembly is not complicates and it only takes one person to finish the job in less than an hour.If you are a woman, then you should get a cordless drill for women.

Merlot full captain bookcase full size daybed with 3 Drawers Storage and a trundle unit


Well this wooden bed is a fair piece of furniture.Its a very solid wooden furniture with a guarantee of utmost sturdiness.Its Merlot finish will add grace to your living room or bedroom.

The trundle smoothly slides out and can roll out easily on wooden floors.It can accommodate thick mattress too.

If you want more storage space,this bed comes with drawers for storing some of your items.
Its easy to assemble too.The bed is definitely worth its price

Daybed with Trundle

A daybed with an added extra sleeping space inform of a trundle is a winner when it comes to accommodating more members of your family or occasional guests

Here is our choices

DHP The Tokyo Metal Frame daybed with trundle,Twin,Brown


This is a metal frame daybed with trundle. Metal bed frames are known to live longer. The daybed comes with a trundle that smoothly rolls out. The trundle wheels have locks meant to hold the trundle in place and restrict movement when it’s rolled out for sleeping.

When properly assembled and bolts tightened properly, the sturdiness of the bed is just perfect. It is rare to hear squeaks from this bed.

You will find this bed useful if you are constantly receiving guest, or your kids have their friend around for sleep over. It’s a perfect fit for raising your kids too.

You will love its color which will blend well with your living room if you love brown color.
The bed will not be shipped with a mattress but a regular twin bed mattress will do the trick.The manufacture had the height of different people in mind when making this bed, with a dimension 6.3 * 2.1 feet, tall people will not be disappointed by this bed.

What we did not like
1. Comes with only one color
2. Take a lot of time to assemble,approximately 3 hours

Homelegance Sleigh Daybed with Tufted Back Rest and Nail Head Accent, Twin, Grey,


You want comfort and elegance, then this daybed with trundle is an ideal choice for you. With is grey color and a nicely tufted backrest, it can easily blend with almost any home décor. Its length is long enough for tall people to sleep quite comfortably. Girls love sleek items; your daughters will find this irresistible.

This daybed comes with trundle too. We found the trundle to easily roll out on wooden floors and normal floors as well. If you are not currently in need of an extra sleeping space on the trundle; it can as well suffice as a storage space.

Most people would like a quick to assemble daybed. Even without an instruction booklet, you can easily set it up all by yourself. With proper assembly; this is the sturdiest day bed I have come across.The bed is not packed with mattresses, the task of adding a mattress is all left to you. We advise you to use a memory foam mattress. It will add that final touch of comfort and sophistication you desire.

What we did not like
Heavy, about 172 pounds, needs two people to lift and move around.

DHP 4032359 Sophia Upholstered Daybed and Trundle, Twin, Brown


One thing I love about this daybed is the fact that the trundle can completely roll out of the main bed. I can place the trundle wherever I want in the room. It has cool sleighed arms to add a couch like complexion. It has an official look too; you can utilize it for your home office for resting or reading. It’s a beautiful piece that will marry with the rest of your room’s furniture.

I always check sturdiness of the bed, the most important factor for all beds. This one is quite sturdy and promises to serve its purpose for a long time.

The assembly time is a concern for many people. You will like the way the parts have been manufactured which allows ease of assembly. It’s a one person job.

Most daybeds take-up normal twin bed mattress and this one is no exception. Take time to find a perfect one for your bed.

Coaster Traditional Style Black Finish Daybed with Trundle


For hard wood lovers, this is our pick for you. Hardwood beds promises sturdiness and this particular bed performs quite well on comes with a myriad of colors and you are spoilt for choice, but basically you will have the advantage of selecting a perfect fit for your living room.

Some of the colors include Black; Cherry & Oak Finish. The finish is so perfect such that your boys will not be able to chip the color off.

The rollout trundle does not disappoint. It slides smoothly and can accommodate thicker twin bed mattress. You will love the pull out handles that emulates drawers on a normal storage cabinet. Well the trundle can as well be used as a storage space.

Homelegance 4950 Daybed with Trundle, Dark Brown Bi-Cast Vinyl


There are leather daybeds with trundle too. This one comes in dark brown/espresso color, a recurring color in most leather seats, black being the other popular alternative. It’s an upholstered bed with a straight arm design.

Gamers will love this bed for their gaming room; it blends well with dark rooms. The trundle can be used for storing gaming equipment’s if sleeping space is not needed.

Again, just like the other daybeds with trundle I have reviewed above, its ease of assembly passed our test. With just a few assembly steps, the bed will be ready within an hour or less.

The sturdiness of this bed is top notch, which is why I would recommend it for gamers who like to jump up and down when cheering or occasional abrupt reaction. This bed withstands these shocks and will serve you for a long time.

What is a daybed ?

A day bed as the name suggests, is a bed that you can lay on any time and doesn’t necessarily have to be within the confines of the bedroom. This type of daybed with trundle can as well be used as a couch in your living room, a cool fit for you if you are a TV enthusiast, a novel reading lover or simply you like a nap during the day.The bed comes in handy if you are hosting guests and needs an extra sleeping space. The outstanding feature of a daybed is its size which offers the comfort similar to a normal bed. Now days, daybeds comes in different structures. This includes, full size daybed, daybed with storage and daybed with trundle.

Why you should choose a day bed.
  • Purpose

The purpose of the bed should feature a lot in your mind when choosing a day bed.If its for watching a game with friends or just playing video games,you should consider a strong daybed that is sturdy enough to hold constant shocks.A metal daybed is a little bit weak for this.

Depending on your personality or taste,there are a variety of daybeds styles for each person.They range from pretty modern design which are exquisite and trendy to traditional styles.
Another factor to ponder is that your choose should perfectly match your other bedroom sets and the color tone of your bedroom or living room.

  • Increased comfort

As opposed to normal couch daybeds gives you extended comfort of a normal bed which you can utilize with your family or friends.

  • Saves on cost
Rather than purchasing a bed that will only be used by guests occasionally day bed will be used regularly as a couch and double as a bed when you have guests coming.Most day beds are cheap particularly when you go for a metal daybed.Being cheap does not mean that the quality is compromised.It depends on the manufacturing and shipping cost to determine the final retail price.

  • Kids can share the bed

The full-size daybed his wide enough to carry a number of people. This bed can be shared by your kids especially if you get one that has a trundle.

  • Accommodates normal mattresses

The daybed mattress is the usual mattresses you would use on a regular bed. Therefore you do not have to worry on whether your online purchase will easily fit a normal mattress.

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