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Metal Bed Frame

Metal Bed frame is known to be the sturdiest if assembled correctly.They outlives their wooden counterparts for the reason that they can be repaired easily.

However,You have to be careful when choosing the type of metal that makes up the metal bed frame.Iron metal rusts easily and can damage your mattress as well as your bed sheets.It call for concessional repainting and polishing to keep the metal bed form rusting.If you let it rust,it may split up at some point rendering the bed unusable.

Go for better metal such as steel if you want the best result from the bed.

Assembly is another factor to look at;

The reason why most metal beds squeak is that the joints become loose over time.Metal expands due to movements therefore the interlocking joints becomes too huge to tightly hold up.

The solution for this is that the manufactures have incorporated wood as part of the bed. They form the head board and foot board of the bed.They act as the legs of the wooden bed hence when you screw the metal frames the hold in tightly for long.They reduce wiggling and makes your bed sturdy.

We have selected some of the best metal bed frame for you.You can veiw them below.

Metro Shop TRIBECCA HOME LeAnn Graceful Scroll Bronze Iron Queen-sized metal Bed frame

CHECK PRICE This is a stylish firm metal bed frame.The flowery curved metal headboard adds the attractiveness
  • Its has an excellent finish
  • Its fairly easy to assemble
  • Very sturdy and strong

Doral Complete Bed with Metal Duo Panels


This bed is fine piece of metal bed frame.Its assembly instructions are quite straight forward.It is very sturdy and will serve its purpose for long.

  • You require a box spring for this metal bed frame

Weston Home Nottingham Metal Spindle Bed


This is an exquisite piece of furniture.It is simple but yet elegant that will provide a peaceful abode for you at night.No squeaking or wiggle if you assemble it correctly.It is worth your money and will serve its purpose for long

  • It is very sturdy
  • Can accommodate most mattresses
  • fairly easy to assemble

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