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Top 5 Home Remedies for Smoker’s Cough


What is smoker’s cough?

A smoker’s cough is the common outcome of smoking. There is huge amount of toxic contained in one cigarette, and when inhaled, it can lead to many problems including interruption of clean air process from those harmful chemicals. Thus, smoker’s cough is an action associated with this blocking issue. If you leave it untreated or treat it inappropriately, it can induce the complications of a smoker’s cough.

What are complications of a smoker’s cough?

Chronic cough may occur when you experience the persistent cough for 2 – 3 weeks. And once it becomes more and more serious, your muscles strains will suffer from pain and an abdominal pressure. Not only chronic cough is the result of complications of a smoker’s cough but those issues such as mental problems, chest pain, bronchitis, incontinence as well as pneumonia and even worse, lung cancer will be inevitable symptoms.

So, it is highly recommended that you should treat your smoker’s cough as soon as possible and you should quit smoking as well to stop those symptoms. Below are several home remedies that you can take a look and give them a try to stop your smoker’s cough.

  • Water

The first important thing to remember when you get smoker’s cough is to drink sufficient amount of water. Water is a powerful weapon that helps you to eliminate infection, unclog blocked air process and lubricate your throat. Moreover, drink enough water a day can offer tremendous benefits for your body as well as improve your overall well – being.

  • Ginger mixed with honey

Ginger, a strong spice in the kitchen, can help you to wipe out all the toxins inside your body especially inside your lungs when consumed. Plus, it can eliminate the tar caused by long term smoking as well. While ginger helps with cleaning process, honey can sooth the pain and ease the seriousness of your smoker’s cough. So ensure that you consume a full teaspoon of the mixture of ginger and honey whenever you get a smoker’s cough. It can help you effectively.

  • Gargling with warm salt water
Before going to sleep, try to gargle with some salt water. Salt can help you to clean your throat therefore, your cough can be reduced drastically. Since the smoker’s cough is usually experienced in the morning, gargling before bedtime can effectively eliminate the symptoms of smoker’s cough. Or you can drink hot water before going to bed to reduce the intensity of the cough.
  • Mint

Peppermint is another effective therapy to treat your coughing problems. With soothing properties, peppermint can contribute antibacterial and antiseptic compounds to your immune system, thus, it can reduce your coughing symptoms tremendously. Inhaling the vapors from boiling water with peppermint leaves can have a great impact in stopping those uncomfortable coughing.

  • Turmeric

Not only is a powerful spice in culinary aspects but turmeric also can treat your smoker’s cough dramatically. This yellow herb is used commonly in India and is a strong treatment to sooth the irritated sensation caused by coughing. Plus, your body can prevent bacterial and virus with the help of turmeric. Drink hot water mixed with turmeric to effectively stop the symptoms of smoker’s cough.

You need to quit smoking at the very first place because this is the main cause of smoker’s cough. As for long term smokers, quitting will be not easy. You may need to reschedule and rehabilitate to stop smoking. Take up several different hobbies instead of occupying yourself with cigarettes.
Therefore, it is recommended that you should give up smoking if you want to stop smoker’s cough completely and live a better and healthier life.

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