5 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

Home Improvement

We all cherish using electricity, but the irony of it is that we hate paying for it. If you are always scared when you think of your next electricity bill, below are some that can help you save on electricity. 

  • Install energy-efficient lighting

 The type of light bulbs you use at home can contribute largely to your electricity bill, especially if you make use of stale incandescent or halogen light bulbs. Rather than installing bulbs that suck up too much energy, go for energy-efficient light globes. These bulbs don’t only use less energy; they are also durable.

  • Modify the thermostat 

Heating and cooling can cost a bomb if you aren’t wise about it. When heating, tune your thermostat to between 18 and 20 degrees, each degree above the 20-degree mark can add 10% to its operating cost. During summer, the temperature should be set to 25 or 26 degrees. Again, every degree underneath 25 can add about 10% to its operating cost

  • Install energy-efficient doors and windows

 Another way to lower your electricity bill is to install energy-efficient doors and windows. These doors and windows can keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler during summer, thus reducing your electric bills. Also, with energy-efficient doors and windows, you can control the amount of heat that enters or comes out of your home.

Normal windows and doors are not effective at keeping out heat or cold from the outside, which is why you need to replace them with energy-efficient doors and windows. Energy-efficient doors and windows can trap air, which lessens the load on your central air or heat system. 

  • Turn off all appliances from the wall 

Are you aware that standby electrical gadgets can cost a normal home more than $100 each year in wasted electricity? Electrical gadgets such as televisions, microwaves, dishwashers, and even something as little as your laptop charger use up electricity when on standby, which denotes that you are paying for nothing. If you notice that you always forget to switch off at the main source, you can purchase a smart power board. Smart power boards are used to halt standby electricity. 

  • Insulate your home 

Here lies another cost-effective way to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your electricity bill. With proper insulation, your home will maintain an ideal temperature. It acts just like a cool box to maintain the coolness of your home during the summer season, while actin like a thermos flask during the cold season to keep heat. Proper insulation can save your home 40-50% per year on electrical cost. Looking for cheap light companies near you can help you choose a more affordable plan for your home.

Amongst the tips mentioned above, installing energy-efficient windows and doors remains one of the best ways to reduce your electricity bills. Energy-efficient windows and doors would ensure that the temperature in your home is properly maintained, and the result of that is a reduction in the amount of electricity that is consumed by the heating and cooling appliances of your home.