Discover The Rubber Spines For Condominiums


Rubber speed bumps such as speed bumps Seattle, known as speed bumps, are safety devices implanted in internal vehicle circulation routes. In condominiums, its presence is used to ensure the safety of residents and children, its main purpose is to reduce the speed of vehicles in pedestrian areas, avoiding accidents.

In addition, Modular Rubber speed bumps are replacing masonry speed bumps, due to the size that is often irregular, which can affect the mechanics of vehicles that pass through them.

Some speed bumps offer high performance rubber speed bumps as an option, which can be removed at any time and installed without having to stop traffic for a long period of time. In addition to a pleasant aesthetic that adapts to any environment. And it also does not need signage, as the modules are interspersed with black and yellow colors, and are resistant to bad weather.

Signs For Rubber Spindles

As most condominiums have local type roads, the maximum speed in these places should be 30km/h. For the placement of spines, in order to reduce speed, the project must be elaborated. In addition, the speed on the road with the speed bump drops. For example, on roads with a maximum speed of 30km/h, with the speed bump this value becomes 20km/h.

Main Advantages

Easy Installation with 50cm modules; and hex screws for fixing;

Less work time on the roads;

Durability: Rubberized spine withstands heavy vehicle traffic, works great in any ambient temperature;

Does not damage vehicles.


The installation of rubber spines can be done in approximately 15 minutes, follow these steps:

1.Mount the modules on the surface to be installed, interspersing a black part and a yellow part;

2. With a drill, pierce the surface using the holes in the spine itself as a reference, in the total measure of the screw (3/8);

3.After all holes are drilled, add the bushings to their respective places, align the spine pieces, and add the screws;

4. With a #11 wrench, tighten all screws until they are properly locked and fixed and your spine is ready to be used.