How do you tell if your Roof is Damaged?

Home Improvement

The roof of your house forms an important aspect of your building’s structure. It protects you from you extreme weather conditions and wards off other elements of danger. Moreover, you put all your hard work and affection into creating a beautiful home for your family. No homeowner wants damaged metal roofing over their head. However, failing to repair your roof at the right time can lead you to pay expensive charges and may cause substantial damage to your house. 

But how do you figure out the warning signs for your damaged roof? For this purpose, you need to watch out for the below-mentioned signs:

Dark Patches

An average life-span of a roof is about 20-25 years. When the metal roofing of your house loses its longevity, you will notice few changes in your roof such as dirty, and dark patches over your roof. You may also observe missing shingles, rotten or curly edges on your roof. Moreover, it starts to lose its color and shine. These are the clear signs that your roof’s life is coming to an end. You need to call the professional roofers to get an inspection done quickly. They will guide you about how much your roof will survive. 

Missing Shingles

Sometimes the extreme weather conditions like hail, thunderstorms, heavy rains, and high winds can cause damage to your roof. This comes in the form of missing shingles. The shingles get blown away with the debris because of the high winds. Moreover, watch out for loose or falling shingles as they become old and exposed to the weather challenges. This missing shingles from your metal roofing might cause your roof to develop leakages and moisture invasion in your home. Hence, you need to keep an eye on missing shingles too.

Water Damages

When the shingles have improper underlayment or deteriorating flashings, you will notice water leakage in your home. These are warning signs that your roof has developed water intrusion into your home, and it requires immediate attention. This also leads to mildew and mold growth over your roof. This leads to insufficient roof ventilation, severe health problems, and exorbitant maintenance repairs. 

Increased Energy Bills

When you observe an increase in your energy bills, it could mean a lot of other things. It also means that the insulation of your metal roofing is ruined. This destruction is making you lose a sufficient amount of energy from your home. However, ignoring it completely can make you pay higher energy bills. This is also a clear sign that your attic insulation is starting to lose its insulation allowing the good air out of your house and bad air into your house.