How many styles of wardrobe?

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A wardrobe plays an important role in organizing your clothes and protecting them from damage. It is one of the furniture pieces in a bedroom after bed. Some people prefer walk-in wardrobes while others prefer something casual.

Everyone has their own taste of having the perfect wardrobe and luckily there are plenty of options available to satisfy all your needs for storage, organizing, and aesthetics. If you are thinking of building a wardrobe and are not sure about what type you want then here are a wide option of wardrobes that can be considered.

Sliding wardrobes

They are a modern take on the traditional wardrobe styles. A sliding wardrobe is a superb choice with a modern-day look and according to the given space and width, a sliding door wardrobe can be designed with two or four doors. If you want to make the most out of your bedroom space, this is the perfect choice. Not like other wardrobes, it occupies less space which allows for more space in a room. They can be composed with a wide range of variety of material in different types of sliding systems, creating eternal possibilities.

Hinged wardrobes

This wardrobe has the most popular wardrobe style with the general wardrobe solution. It boasts a casual design and opens with a hinged door. This design is available in both handle and handle-less pattern. Hinged wardrobes are the most versatile and easily lockable: however, these wardrobes are only recommended if you have enough space in your room because the doors need adequate space to open in front, so that you can access your items. There is a whole host of colors in different shades and textures where you can easily find your choice with the interior decor of your bedroom.

Mirror wardrobes

You can never go wrong with mirror wardrobes if you want to add an additional layer to your bedroom. It is one of the best ideas to convert your visual appealing of your ordinary room into the most appealing dream room. It brightens a room by reflecting light and making them great for small spaced rooms.

Custom wardrobes are also considered the ultimate luxury when it comes to store clothes and other essentials. They are available with adjustable shelving, contemporary styles, and different finishing touches.

Corner wardrobes

They are also known as the “L-molded wardrobes”. These wardrobes are the perfect answer when it comes to maximum utilization of a bedroom corner as they use the sides of the room for which most of the parts are a wasted space. The sliding doors for such fitted L-shaped closets give an incredible style as well as a useful storage option, making it a popular design.


The walk-in wardrobes are the vision of the greater part of us: however, just a few people can manage the cost of it. They are the embodiment of luxury with great storage space for all the garments and other accessories. It is combined with organizing accessories which provides an incredible opportunity for making a profound space, a well-organized space to keep everything.

Free Standing

These wardrobes are considered as one of the most basic traditional types. These freestanding wardrobes have high demand due to the ease in moving around. The only disadvantage of a free standing wardrobe is that it occupies more room space for operation of doors. These wardrobes are available in metals, woods, and plastics.


It is usually made with wood. Armoires are free standing wardrobes with a typical feel and they usually have a built-in storage option like drawers, rods, and shelves.

For style and fashion-conscious people who love to collect an assortment of extravagant and lavish items is a perfect choice. A standard wardrobe contains hanging and extra space on all of the three sides which works best in the event that you have an unused room. A good amount of space would then get isolated with another pair of doors which will make it a perfect walk-in-wardrobe.

Despite having an optimistic decision for some people, it is expected to have an extra room for space in today’s small apartments. This is a good value option with an additional cost.