What Are The Benefits of Window Well Covers?

Home Improvement

Not many people realize that window well installation is only a step in securing your basement. You should complete window well installation by installing window well covers as well. Due to the location of the window wells, they are vulnerable to different unpleasant conditions. However, window well installation perfected with coverings will take care of all unpleasant circumstances.

If you are still in doubt about why you need a window well covered, here are the benefits of the covers that you need to know.

1. Enhanced Safety for Human and Animals

Completing window well installation with a cover protects both humans and animals that move around the window well. Falling inside the more than 3 feet deep window well will undoubtedly cause severe injuries to humans and animals. But with the installation of a window well cover will prevent falling over into the well.

2. Overall Home Security

Window wells, being naturally lower-level windows, are usually the main targets for burglars due to their design features that ensure they are weak to allow easy escape during a fire accident or other emergencies. However, covering window well installation will keep burglars away, as they have more obstructions to deal with.

3. Protection from Water Damage

A window well installation with a cover is the perfect way to prevent water damage through the window well. The location of the window wells makes them a good entry point for flood or snow and ice build-up during the winter, which will undoubtedly cause massive water damage to the house and properties in the basement. As a result, installing window well covers will prevent water, flood, and melting snow from getting into the house.

4. Energy Savings

Usually, the basement is extremely hot or cold, depending on the weather. But with a window well cover, the basement will be protected from excess heat and cold that would otherwise have caused high energy bills through basement cooling and heating. Due to window well installation and finishing with window well covers, the finished areas of the basement like the bedrooms or living space will be very comfortable to live in without requiring excessive cooling or heating. Consequently, you will save on energy usage.

5. Protection from Pests

Windows well covers protect your basement and entire home from the infestation of pests such as critters, rats, squirrels, rabbits, etc. You would not have to spend on getting rid of these pests if you installed window well covers on your window wells.

Your window well installation is incomplete without installing window well covers, which offer the benefits explained above. Invest in window well covers today, and have the peace of mind you need to enjoy your basement.