What are the different types of HVAC units

What are the different types of HVAC units?

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HVAC system or heating ventilation and air conditioning system, at times called “climate control”. The key function of an HVAC unit is to control the atmospheric conditions within a house. You can find many different types of HVAC systems, each functioning somewhat differently to control a house’s temperature.

An HVAC unit not only assists in controlling the temperature but also guarantees optimal air cleanliness within your setting.

Type of HVAC systems

  1. Hybrid heat split system

Hybrid heat split systems are a very advanced version of HVAC systems. While this HVAC system type is fitted in a building any heat pump will let electrically pushed HVAC to generate the needed temperature. Following are a few features of the hybrid heat split system:

  • A heating pump that will let the heating and cooling of the refrigerant.
  • Ducts that will let the flow of air around the building.
  • An evaporator coil, fan, and fan will let the flow of air within the refrigerant.


  1. Packaged heating and air conditioning system

This HVAC unit is apt for small houses and buildings that have less space. The unit can compress the space that measures the whole house into one space and gives the needed comfort. This type of HVAC unit will have features like:

  • A control panel for regulating the entire unit.
  • Purifiers, cleaners, and ventilation for enhancing indoor air quality.
  • Evaporation, fan coil, and a heating pump.
  1. Duct-free split heating and air conditioning system

This HVAC system Atlanta lets good installation of HVAC to houses where systems having ducts will be improbable to fix. They are simple to fix and install as they need minimal labour than those having ducts. Below are some best features of this HVAC system Atlanta:

  • A closely packed fan coil to occupy a tiny space.
  • It comes with small wires and tubes for refrigerant and joining the coil to the external system.
  • It also has a control panel to control the entire unit.
  • A heat pump for heating and cooling the refrigerant.
  1. Heating and air conditioning split system

These are common heating and cooling systems which contain parts of the entire system allotted in and out of the buildings. Below are some of the top features of this system:

  • Pipes that transmit cool air throughout the buildings.
  • A control panel.
  • Heating area and fan.

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