5 Ideas For Creating Storage In A Condo


Many condos are not designed with large spaces. Hence, they tend to look cluttered and overcrowded within a short period. So, what do you do in this situation? You find the ideal condo renovation ideas that can help you maximize the little space you have and make your condo more conducive to live in.

If you want to create storage in a condo, these 5 ideas can be of great assistance to you:

  1. Hanging storages are perfect for you

For anyone struggling to get the impeccable storage spaces they need in their condo, hanging storages can be perfect. Kitchens, for instance, can make do with hanging storage for keeping your pans, pots, large spoons, and other several other items. Mug hooks and wine racks are also cool ideas you can consider. Hanging storage for keeping your coat, hats, and other items can come in handy for your bedroom or even bathroom.


  1. Shelves can stand anywhere

If you can take advantage of the power of shelves, you will hardly have any reasons to complain about storage in a condo. Just make sure that you put different styles of shelves everywhere. Standing or floating shelves can fit nicely into your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and so on. And remember that shelves are not only meant for books, so you can keep several items on your shelves, depending on the purpose of the room.


  1. Behind-the-door shoe holders are good for other functions

Typically, behind-the-door shoe holders are meant for keeping shoes, but there is no crime in using them to hold other items. Instead of allowing your underwear, polo shirts, T-shirts and similar things to cause more clutter in your wardrobe, use your behind-the-door holders to store them away. Fortunately, due to their cheapness, behind-the-door holders are great for everyone irrespective of their budget.


  1. Hideaway storage

One of the most awesome condo renovation ideas for creating storage is installing hideaway storage. This storage will appropriately take up those items you don’t need outside and tuck them away until the next time you want to use them. Hideaway storage can be great for books, clothes, toys, shoes and other objects. Check out some creative ideas on the internet so that you can increase the appeal of your home while still creating awesome storage.


  1. Open-space storage

In most cases, modern condos have neatly designed open spaces. Nevertheless, if you decide to keep large cabinets and furniture in these spaces, your home will end up looking disorganized and unappealing. Well, there is a solution to that as you can add decorative shelving, bags, and boxes to make your home more beautiful while still creating additional storage. Without sacrificing the aesthetics of the open storage, ensure that you keep it simple.

These are just creative ideas that stand out. Other concepts you may want to look at include wardrobe style storage, overhead laundry storage, pegboard, collapsible storage, and floor to ceiling entertainment center. Whatever idea you choose, make sure that it suits the existing décor of the room.