5 Warnings Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

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After using your windows for some years, it is likely that they will require some replacements. Although there are times when it is obvious that you need to replace the windows, you may find it hard to notice in some cases. Therefore, if you have prior knowledge of warning signs that your windows need to be replaced, you can do the right things at the right time.

Here are 5 warning signs your windows need to be replaced:

  1. The operation of your windows is faulty

Having operated your windows over the years, it is possible to start noticing some problems with its operations. There may rust or rot in some parts of the windows, which may make it difficult for you to close, open or lock the windows. In a few situations, the windows may be sticking and jamming as you try to operate them. All these signs are indicating that your windows have been overused and repairs can hardly help you at this stage. The best option is to replace the windows.

  1. Severely damaged appearance

Minor window damages can be easily repaired but this is not the same for windows that are severely rusted, broken or damaged. The rust or damage may be around the window hinges, frames, metal Locks or other parts. Any severely broken or damaged windows make your home susceptible to a wide range of safety problems. Such windows could attract buglers or allow unwanted animals to come into your home. Therefore, if you have a severely broken or damaged window, window replacement is your best option.

  1. Too much energy bills

If your energy bills are too much, it is unlikely that you will consider window replacement as one of the options to reduce it. However, your windows can contribute to your energy bills. Why is this so? Foremost, the windows determine the level that the external temperature will affect the temperature inside your home. Also, the temperature of different parts of your home should be similar. However, a faulty window will some parts cooler than others as it allows the external temperature to affect areas that are close to it.

So, replace your windows with energy-efficient options. Using energy-efficient windows, you will spend less on regulating the temperature of your home; hence, you tend to reduce the bills. However, the reverse is the case if your windows are not energy-efficient.

  1. Excessive noise from outside

Modern windows have insulating components that ensure that they lower noise transfer. Nevertheless, if your windows are not modern ones made with noise-insulating materials, you may hear every dog bark, crying baby, traffic noises, and other sounds coming from outside of your home. Such noises are not only annoying, but they are also capable of making your home less comfortable to live. Don’t let excessive noise from outside of your home disrupt your peace; replace your windows.

  1. Hard-to-clean or foggy windows

Another warning sign that may require window replacement is the fogginess of your windows or difficulty with cleaning them. This is often due to the constant condensation on windows as the glass fill and glazing of the windows are gradually becoming ineffective. In addition to affecting the appeal of your home, this can also provide mold and mildew a place to grow. So, once you notice these signs on your windows, act quickly by replacing them.

Other warning signs that you can look out for include regular pest infestations, recurring cold drafts, sustained water damage.