Carpet Installation – Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional or DIY

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Replacing the old carpets needs serious considerations as the material and labor can be extremely pricey. You may try to find ways for cutting the cost yet install high-quality carpets in your home. The first aspect many homeowners choose to save dollars is eliminating the need for professional installation. Is it a good idea?

Call local carpet stores after you consider the number of rooms that need new carpets, room shape, the carpet type, and your skills in carpet installation. You can find great carpet suppliers on FlooringDomain offering good deals for your project. Before you visit the FlooringDomain platform to post your carpet installation project first understand the pros and cons of professional and DIY installation.

Professional carpet installation



A professional carpet installer performs the job generally every day, so has the competence to get the task done right, no matter how odd the steps or corners are. Installing a carpet perfectly needs lots of experience and a professional installer has honed this art.


Professional installers have the right equipment and know the smart use of specialty tools. They are aware of how much baseboard affects the carpet installation and tricks to use the padding. The seams are properly pushed together and you gain a flawless installation.


Hiring professionals offers peace of mind as they offer labor warranty. Generally, if the carpet is cut and laid, its warranty is annulled. It means the poorly done task will turn out to be expensive. If you hire professionals, they offer their own warranty on installation and labor work. It offers a little safety coverage to your carpet investment. However, make sure to compare carpet instalers near you before selecting a suitable one. 


  • Carpet installers do the task correctly and efficiently but at a price. You have to incur the cost of carpet, padding, carpet removal & disposal, and installation cost. 
  • You will need to fit in the installation services schedule and that can take some time. Sometimes change in schedule can cost you money.

DIY carpet installation


DIY carpet installation gives you control on –

  • Quality.
  • Schedule & convenience.
  • Save significantly on labor and installation charges.
  • Stranger’s entrance in your home.


  • You need to rent specialty tools [seam roller, carpet stretcher, and knee kicker] and even know to use them.
  • Mistakes can turn out to be costly because manufacturers will never replace cut carpets. 
  • Without experience carpeting, several rooms including stairs can mess things up and you end up spending even more to repair it.
  • Removing and disposal of old carpets need to be done correctly. You will need to pay disposal charges and hire a Utility vehicle. You can choose the best carpet lifting companies to handle the removal and disposal of waste. 

DIY is right if you are working on a single room without odd corners or irregularities and you are capable to use specialty tools. Some carpet manufacturers ask for professional installation only, so consider this also. Only DIY if you are confident of your abilities!

Carpet is a huge investment, so ensure to get it right so it serves you for a long period!