Custom wardrobe design simplified: Check these tips!

Home Improvement

Standalone wardrobes are anything but functional. Keeping in mind that most of us have small bedrooms and apartments, it is necessary to invest in storage solutions that maximize the use of space. A modular wardrobe is a great choice in that context. Often called as the custom wardrobe, or built-in closet, the concept is more about customizing your wardrobe for the space available. The design possibilities are limitless, and if you contact a good installation service, they will show their wardrobe design catalogue and offer free consultation for your home. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on how you can do better with your modular wardrobe ambitions.

  1. Know your space. Before you hire a company for design and installation, you have to review the space available. We strongly recommend that you take fresh measurements of the bedroom, or any room where you want the wardrobe. This also allows interior experts to offer a fair idea of designs that can be considered.
  2. Don’t be overwhelmed. Well, just because you want a modular wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to find the most expensive design there is. The purpose is to have enough storage and adequate style elements. A good idea is to take estimates for designs you like, so you can decide what works for your needs.
  3. Evaluate your needs. Do you just want a modular wardrobe, or would want to have a desk integrated in the design? Do you want a wall-to-wall design, or would prefer taller cabinets all the way to the ceiling? If you have liked certain designs, share them with the interior expert, but do take a note of your expectations.
  4. Focus on basic storage needs. Besides small compartments for accessories, jewelry and handbags, you will also need big storage areas in the modular wardrobe, where you can keep all your clothes hanging as needed. Also, it is always wise to have some extra space, because you may need to store more in years to come.
  5. Ask for an estimate. Several factors, such as materials used, number of cabinets, size of the unit, need for selected compartments, and extent of customization, impact the cost of a modular wardrobe. Don’t shy away from asking for estimates. If a particular design doesn’t fit in your expected budget, fret not because installation and design companies have numerous choices – There is a modular wardrobe for every home.

Style is an important factor for deciding about modular wardrobes, but select something that is rather easy to manage. If your cabinets are all in white finish, scratches and marks will become more apparent. Check online now to find more on modular wardrobe installation companies near you!