Double Socket For Bathroom


Double two pin socket in the bathroom - Picture of Losehill House ...

Whether it’s your hairdryer, electric shaver or electric toothbrush, all of these electrical devices need to be in a universal adapter plug (ปลั๊ก universal adapter which is the term in Thai). This is why having several electrical outlets in your bathroom can be very useful. Then discover the sockets with several stations to be able to safely and simultaneously connect all these electrical devices.

Electrical Standards NF C 15-100 In My Bathroom

There is no shortage of risks of electric shock. This is why it is necessary to comply with standard NF C 15-100.

Regarding Your Electrical Outlets:

  • The socket must have a ground pin connected to the equipotential bonding
  • In addition to the classic socket when it is in Volume 2, it is possible to install a socket dedicated to the use of a razor which is powered by a separation transformer with a power between 20 and 50 VA (standard NF EN 61558-2-5)
  • The earthed socket must be installed in Out of Volume

I Multiply My Connections

Need to plug in your hairdryer while recharging your electric toothbrush? Multiply your sockets with double, triple, or quadruple to simultaneously connect your electrical devices. You can also install recessed sockets horizontally or vertically, depending on your space, to have your devices close at hand, and also know the data’s power plug (ปลั๊กไฟ data which is the term in Thai)

The Advantages Of The Cable Outlet

The cable outlet has two major advantages:

Safety: the cable outlet in a bathroom makes the wires inaccessible and out of reach, which can avoid many accidents, especially for children.

Aesthetic: the cable outlet allows us to hide the electric wires, which allows having a harmonious bathroom.

Installation Of Sockets In My Bathroom

Are you planning to install electrical outlets in your bathroom? Call on an electrician who will be able to support you in your projects of electrical installations in new as in renovation.