Easy Tips to Pack an Office Chair


Are you planning for an office move? Packing and protecting the furniture is a huge part of moving and the hardest part of the furniture is none other than an office chair. The first and most important step is to gather the right packing materials such as bubble wrap or unprinted newspaper, furniture pads or moving blankets, and masking tape. When it comes to packing the office chair, you have to disassemble and wrap the arms of the chair with bubble wrap and secure it with the holding tape. Repeat the same process for the legs and chairs and cover the legs and wheels of the chair properly and perfectly.

Cover the arms and chair with the moving blankets and then secure them with tape. Once the chair is properly covered, wrap the chair with the furniture pads to keep it safe during the transition.  The packing of an office desk is quite complicated but you can manage it by removing any drawers or racks from the desk and then covering them properly with bubble wrap. Pack the desk the same as you have packed the chair and then start your work on moving the furniture into your new residence.

Office furniture is bulky and you can’t move it without taking assistance so the best approach is to hire Movers Walnut Creek but if you don’t want to hire any movers then ask your friends to provide you assistance.  Lift the table frame and shift the desk to the van and then lift the office chairs by using the base of the seat and secure the chair and the desk in the moving van.  Carefully and tightly secure the furniture so it does not move and get damaged during transportation. Plan your route and successfully complete your moving journey.

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