How to counter summer in Japan?


June to mid-September is generally the summertime in Japan, depending upon the location of a city. The temperature varies from twenty-one degrees to thirty-two degrees centigrade, making the climate hot and humid. July and August maybe not be the perfect time for sightseeing for being the hottest months, but it is still the liveliest time in Japan. The days of summer are long, and thus you can enjoy a lot of time spent outside. Summer is not the peak time for tourists, and you can enjoy the benefits of low accommodation rates and a higher number of vacancies.

Traditional Ways to counter heat

Old Japanese people found out different counteractive measures to negate the summer-long hot and humid conditions before the invention of air coolers and Air-conditioning. This innovation led to finding some traditional ways like folding fans. The folding fans are handy and serve as a variedly designed and colorful souvenir from the trip. You can try traditional cotton wear, Yukuta, primarily a garment for newborn babies. The Japanese people found them comfortable wearing in the summer, and gradually it became the traditional outfit for summer fireworks and festivals. You can have this particular outfit on rentals at various sites and enjoy wearing a light version of the Kimono.

Fighting heat with food

“Somen” is the most iconic summer food in Japan. “Hiyashi –Chuka” is a ramen noodle served with a cold broth, fried egg, ham and cucumber. This ultra-thin wheat made noodles come with a mixture of cold soya sauce and toppings of leek, ginger and sesame seeds to keep you cool throughout the day. You can feel refreshed and recharged by having a special Stamina cuisine dish containing grilled eel in thick spicy sauce over rice. Apart from this, the bakeries and confectionaries of Japan have the most amazing varieties of colorful ice-creams, shaved ice, fruit parfaits and innumerable other frozen sweet delicacies throughout the summer. These cold and tasty treats make summer in Japan not only delicious but also rejuvenating.