How to develop a feng shui bedroom?

Home Improvement

From making use of colors to positioning certain objects in specific locations, there are lots of methods to make a perfect Feng shui bedroom [จัด ห้อง นอน ตาม ฮ วง จุ้ย, which is the term in Thai]. Here are some finest practices:

  • Try to Keep Your Under Bed Area Clean

It’s better of not storing anything below your bed. This permits energy to flow openly around you while you sleep. If you should store items under your bed, just stow soft cushions, linens, blankets, or other sleep-related items.

  • Purchase a Headboard

In feng shui, a headboard stands for security as well as support. Seek a headboard that’s solid wood, without bars or separations in it. Make sure to attach your headboard safely to your bed.

  • Setting Your Bed Correctly

Put your bed with the headboard against a firm, sustaining wall. Make sure it’s positioned as much from your door as possible; however, not directly in line with your door. You want see your door while you’re in bed; however, you don’t want to be aligned with it. The concept is excessive power will move via the door.

  • Use Pairs

Feng shui specialists think that sets are harmonizing. Ideally, use pairs when placing furniture or other items. As an example, use two nightstands, one on each side of the bed. Ideally, the nightstands must be round with matching lights ahead.

  • Incorporate the Best Shades

Feng shui room shades need to be calming. As a rule of thumb, use bed linens, furniture, and accessories that have neutral color tones. Traditional primaries, such as reds as well as blues, are typically not a good selection. You can integrate the shades that stand for the different elements, yet see to it they aren’t too bright or overwhelming.

  • Usage of Soft Lights

Soft illumination, such as that discharged from table and work desk lamps, is excellent for a feng shui bedroom. Also, attempt to integrate as much natural light from windows as feasible.