Perfecting The Guest Bedroom Look With Sheesham Wood Beds

Decor & Design

Designing the guest bedroom brings us immense joy as we can showcase our creativity and smartness to our friends and relatives who use it. Moreover, being a good host means providing the best space for your guests to stay. In case you are the person who loves people around you, then you are sure to invite guests home. In that case, it is essential to incorporate all the necessary furniture in the guest bedroom to make your friends feel comfortable and sophisticated.

A guest bedroom should be designed to attract the eye of the visitor. This gives the guests a feeling that the place is well designed and smartly furnished. In addition to the comfort and sophistication, add a personal touch and work on your interior décor to display your own innovations and creativity. At the end of the day, your family and friends should feel relaxed and content in the bedroom. Make sure your designs and furniture style leave a mark in their minds. Wakefit provides you with such a type of adaptable and trendy furniture for you to choose from. Here are a few points that help you give a dashing look to your guest bedroom with Sheesham wood beds.

Why should you opt for a Sheesham wood bed?

Sheesham wood is the most preferred choice for all types of home furniture due to its quality and elegance. Below are a few factors that add to why you should go for a Sheesham wood bed in your guest bedroom.

Strong and durable – Sheesham wood is known for its hard nature and long-lasting life. One should not compromise with the quality of a bed. Buying a bed of poor quality adversely affects sleep patterns and health. Sheesham wood feels hard and does not creak or make noise over time. Its durability and permanence seek everyone’s attention easily. It is best for your guest bedroom as you cannot provide a creaking bed to your guests. It might affect your reputation. Sheesham wood is also resistant to termites, bugs and insects by nature. So, you wont have to burn your pockets for maintenance every few years.

Blends easily with your room décor – The hard nature of Sheesham wood and its inherent resistance to deterioration allows the manufacturers to experiment on wood engraving and wood carving work. This design or pattern of carvings can be engraved uniformly on all types of furniture in the room. Moreover, the colour shade of Sheesham wood varies from deep brown to golden reddish-brown. These colours are easy to match with any interior décor. You can easily match your wardrobes, bedside tables and wall shelves with the Sheesham wood beds. This wood also has interlocked grains that feel rich and appealing to the eye.

Helps in managing storage space effectively – Nowadays, most people reside in modern-day apartments where there is a space crunch. You might not have enough space in the house to store all your bedding, clothing and accessories. Sheesham wood beds are available with storage options that help you manage your storage well. Since it is your guest bedroom and you want to provide the wardrobes for the usage of guests, you can always store all your unimportant stuff in your storage beds. It could be your bedding, towels, accessories or anything that you may not need frequently. This helps you maintain the room clean and clutter-free. Once the clutter is cleared, it is easy to create an organized and dust-free bedroom.

It gives a classy look – Sheesham wood bed is your best bet as it can bear a lot of wear and tear while carving them. Their hard nature allows the manufacturer to create the best designs in the market. This will also enhance the aesthetics of the room to give a classy look. The wide selection of shades makes it a fantabulous choice of bed for several people. Also, the easy carving option helps you to go for an intricately designed headboard. They’re fine gains, and the extravagant texture feels like the icing on the cake. Sheesham woods are well built and can be customized in any design. If you have a design in your mind and want to implement it, the easiest thing to do is to apply the design on a Sheesham wood, as it helps in easy carving.

Cost-effective – Unlike teak wood beds, Sheesham wood beds are competitively priced, are easily affordable and, at the same time, long-lasting. They have premium qualities that can be available at affordable rates. Storage beds also prevent you from investing in another wardrobe to store all your accessories. Many may not have the financial ability to buy teak woods. Sheesham storage beds are the best option for them.

Available in various types and sizes – Sheesham wooden beds with storage options come in different sizes and types based on usage.

What are the sizes available in the market?

Single bed – These beds can be placed in small rooms or guest bedrooms.

Double bed – These double bed sizes can fit small guest bedrooms and kids’ bedrooms.

Queen size bed  – This is slightly larger in size and can be used in bigger guest bedrooms.

King size bed  – This is a huge-sized bed used in master bedrooms with a good amount of space, but if you have enough space in your guest room, add them and make your guests get the royal feel.

Types of Sheesham storage beds:

Box Storage type beds – These are opened from the top and are almost equivalent to having a full-sized wardrobe

Drawer Storage type beds – These are small drawers on either side of the bed


If you want to choose a wooden bed online for your guest bedroom, make sure the size is adaptable to your bedroom, feels rich and appealing to the eye. Your guests should have a comfortable stay while being with you using Sheesham wood beds.