Short Lets: 5 Benefits for Landlords


Renting in the 21st century has been made easy thanks to the possibility of owning a property temporarily. Many property owners have various reasons why they would like to rent out their apartments for less than six months; it could be a financial strain or relocating to a different place of work temporarily.
As a result, a property owner devises a flexible option in renting out with the sole reason to generate an income. Short lettings London markets are mostly preferred because most landlords do not want to take too long committing to a deal, draker lettings.
The renting of such properties exempts the tenants from most of the bills payable over the required rental charges. However, the landlord also stands to enjoy some privileges enlisted below:

Profits incurred from high renting costs
The landlords earn huge profits, due to the double rent the tenants pay for that short period. Though all the damages and extra cost are taken care of by the owners, they still end up benefiting more. Even when the landlord decides to double charge the rent, the tenants will always not think twice when they think of all the utility bills that are taken care of.

High demand for short lets
With an increased demand for these properties, landlords are sure of a regular income. Since it is cheaper to rent a short let than renting a hotel for that short duration, tourists will prefer to check themselves in a fully furnished at a lower price. The owners have an assurance of continued occupancy.

Short lets bar property owners from taking too long committing to a tenant who might end up paying less. The advantage is, you can pay a similarly high amount to quite several tenants in a short period. Unless there is an extension request; which the landlord must consent to, the tenant should be out after the contract is up.

The landlord keeps a constant eye on his/her property
After a tenancy period, the landlord surveys the property for immediate and necessary renovations before new tenant checks in. This continuous survey helps in keeping the property in good shape at all times. If the landlord feels like he/she wants to take back the property, it will be in the same form he/she gave it out or even better.

The landlords enjoy a great deal of security
When a property is registered for a short let tenure, there are some tax deductions and rental returns the property owner enjoys. For instance, he/she will not take care of interests and possible repairs. The agency will also take care of tenancy agreements and organize for payments as the landlord enjoys the benefits.

The ideal reason for staying in a short let apartment is the cheaper option compared to a hotel room. The good thing is, all your needs are catered for with all the bills cleared by the landlord; except for damages during the stay and the property is fully furnished too. London markets have made short stays in given areas comfortable with the availability of short lets.
The property owners face a significant challenge of constant renovations due to damages caused by the tenants. However, the tenants enjoy a home away from home during the stay. As a visitor in London, do not get stuck in a hotel room when you can use short lettings London facility.