Should we maintain a water heater or hot water tank?

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Hot water at home is one of those conveniences that we cannot live without. Often supplied by a water heater or an electric tank, its availability is conditional on the proper functioning of these devices. In terms of Hot water system maintenance Illawarra, the different types of water heaters, whether gas, electric, thermodynamic or solar, do not obey the same rules or the same constraints. Small point to help you find your way around.

Gas water heater:

A gas water heater uses the combustion of this fossil fuel to ensure the production of domestic hot water necessary for the life of the home. Hot water is produced instantly or stored in a reserve. This Hot water system maintenance Illawarra, at the expense of the tenant, must be carried out by an approved professional, preferably a plumber and heating engineer.

What are the minimum maintenance services of the gas water heater?

The heating plumber must carry out at least:

– cleaning by blowing the injector;

– cleaning the pilot light and its filter;

– replacement of the water inlet valve and seal;

– cleaning and brushing the fins of the heating body;

– cleaning the burner nozzles with water;

– descaling the heating body.

At the end of his visit, the professional Hot water system maintenance Illawarra has 15 days to give the tenant an annual maintenance certificate to the sponsor. The latter allows the tenant to prove to his lessor and his insurer in the event of a claim that he has fulfilled his legal obligations.

In addition to Hot water system maintenance Illawarra, it is also important to choose the right water heater upstream. For an economical and durable water heater, certain criteria must be taken into account when making your purchase: anti-correction protection, the resistance of the water heater.

Maintenance of the thermodynamic water heater:

The thermodynamic water heater consists of a heat pump running on electricity and a hot water tank.

Annual periodic Hot water system maintenance Illawarra, consisting of cleaning the evaporator, is recommended. This cleaning removes dust and any obstructions. You can do this by removing the screws holding the grille behind which the evaporator is located.

Although not mandatory, draining the water heater is also recommended. It becomes essential if, during a prolonged absence of use, the temperature of the room in which your water heater is located drops below 0°C.

However, it is recommended to entrust this Hot water system maintenance Illawarra task to a professional.