The Advantages of Using a Tool Hire Service for Construction Equipment

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Tool hire is a great way to get the equipment you need without the hassle of buying it yourself or renting it from someone else. When you use tool hire, you can borrow construction equipment like excavators, saws, and forklifts instead of paying to buy them yourself, and then paying to return them when you’re done with them. You will often be able to find local tool hire companies, for example if you are a construction business in North Wales, you could find tool hire in Llandudno or Bangor. Here are some other benefits of using tool hire as opposed to owning your own equipment

Renting Tools Is Cheaper

Tool hire services are cheaper than buying machinery, especially if you only need it on rare occasions. Most tool hire shops have trucks that they can drive around to your site and pick up tools you’ve hired, meaning there’s no need to transport or store them. And most of these stores offer a range of machinery options—from small power tools to bigger construction machinery like loaders and excavators—all available at competitive prices.

Every Job Is Different

The most important thing you can do when hiring tools is plan ahead and know what you will need before starting your project. Different projects call for different equipment, and it’s likely that more than one tool hire shop will be able to provide you with what you need. Talk to multiple companies and have them each send quotes so that you can compare costs. And keep in mind that every job is different; not only are tools expensive, but there are often other costs associated with renting them as well.

Tradespeople Have More Time For Other Jobs

When you’re busy with your own construction project, time is in short supply. Therefore, any assistance you can get is invaluable. Plant hire companies can help reduce your workload by providing equipment that’s used to speed up tasks so that tradespeople can return to their main job as soon as possible. It’s definitely worth it to consider plant and tool hire when planning your next building or home renovation project.

There Are Fewer Strings Attached

When you use a plant hire service, your employees won’t be left stranded at work if there’s an emergency and their machinery goes down. Plant hire services will help you rent out equipment with ease, so your business doesn’t lose productivity—or money. Your equipment is serviced, maintained, and repaired while you can focus on your core competencies. If anything does go wrong with one of these pieces of equipment in your care, it’s easy to contact someone who can help.

Most Places Offer Free Delivery

If you’re looking to hire construction equipment, most companies will offer free delivery to your home or business. That means you won’t have to invest in transporting huge items on your own. Instead, all you need is easy access to your location and a few hours open during pickup and drop-off times.

Insurance And Maintenance Are Usually Included

Tool hire companies generally have an insurance policy in place to cover accidental damage. So, you don’t need to worry about any costs if an employee damages one of your expensive tools or equipment. Also, many companies offer maintenance contracts, so you don’t have to worry about hiring a repairman or taking your equipment somewhere else for maintenance. This saves time and ensures your tool is always running smoothly.

Carrying Around A Load Of Tools Is Hard Work

The most obvious benefit of using a tool hire service is that you don’t have to carry around your own tools! This may not seem like such an inconvenience until you realise how heavy and uncomfortable carrying them around can be. As well as being painful, it also makes things more difficult when you’re trying to transport them from one site to another. While carrying weights, many construction workers find themselves dropping tools or being unable to carry any extra equipment with them if they’re already overburdened.