Where To Install A Vinyl Floor

Home Improvement

The great versatility of the product makes its installation possible from a hotel lobby to a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room. They are suitable for use as a decorative finish, and aesthetically they are the most attractive. A vinyl floor on tiles [ปู กระเบื้อง ยาง ทับ กระเบื้อง which is the term in Thai] may be the best option to change the floor if the budget is low.

When choosing your floor, always consider that it is manufactured under the sustainability derived from healthy recycled materials. Always under the premise of ecological design and healthy and safe ingredients derived from minerals that can quickly be reused and recycled, but does not affect the health of people or the environment.

Nowadays, it is easy to find floors with colored flakes, motifs that mimic concrete, wood, continuous, and multicolored floors. How would you feel living and stepping on a vinyl floor every day?

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Resistance to wear, scratches, and stains (a good vinyl floor offers up to 15 years warranty). Its impermeability is very important; it withstands moisture (ideal for placing in bathrooms, kitchens, and children’s bedrooms) and easy to clean. Opting for them within a current lifestyle is a quick solution, where cleanliness and a short time can be made compatible
  • Another advantage is the minimum wear and tear, and if it is at home, they will still withstand more time along with the additional acoustic and thermal comfort that helps create a cozy atmosphere in the home


  • A vinyl, is cheating insight, it is not gold that glitters, it is not a ceramic material or a wooden floor, but the intermediate solution between a higher cost and what you step on “if not you like it, you can’t stand it, or you are horrified”
  • It does not resist high temperatures; if they are exposed to heat, it will tend to deteriorate easily, so its resistance will depend on the environment. The resistance offered needs some care that can be broken easily if pressure or friction is exerted on them with sharp objects or with a shear-grating structure
  • Its installation will be complicated on rough and imperfect floors