Why You Should Clean Your Dryer Vent This Winter

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As soon as winter arrives people tend to concentrate on how to keep their homes and selves warm and comfy. This means spending more time indoors, using the fireplace, drinking a hot cup of cocoa, and of course, budding up. Due to the drop in temperature, most of us don’t want to trouble ourselves with chores and other responsibilities. We all just want to relax and keep warm.

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the winter weather, there are some responsibilities that cannot and should not be ignored. One of those is hiring the vent cleaning services to inspect and clean the dryer vents. Why is this so important? These are the top reasons why investing in professional dryer cleaning service is worth it:

Reason #1: Save On Energy

The colder temperatures of winter mean that homes will use their heater round the clock which results in higher energy bills during the season. Since compromising comfort shouldn’t be up for debate, one way to cut back on energy consumption is to clean the dryer vents.

Dirty and clogged up dryer vents use more heat and power to dry a load of laundry. By getting the vent professionally cleaned, the machine will use less power to complete its job.

Reason #2: Dryer Longevity

It is a fact that dryers that are cleaned and maintained regularly last longer than those that aren’t. Owners who invest in just the once a year dryer vent cleaning services will notice a big difference in how long their machine will last. Professional cleaning is a small expense compared to replacing the dryer every couple of years.

Reason #3: Better Functionality

During the winter, people will tend to wear thicker clothing to keep warm. Thicker clothes produce more lint which is what clogs up the dryer vents. If the vents are not emptied and cleaned, the dryer will work harder to dry the clothes. Sometimes it can take twice as long to complete the drying process, just because the dryer vent is too dirty.

Clean vents mean better functionality all year round, not just during the winter.

Reason #4: Safety

Since the dryer is responsible for drying a lot of thick clothing the produces lint, it can quickly become a fire hazard when it is not cleaned. Lint is a highly flammable material and since dryers run on heat, there is a higher chance of the machine combusting while in the middle of its drying cycle.

The winter months make running a dirty dryer more dangerous because the home is usually warmer and the doors are kept shut to prevent the cold from entering. Add to that, lint and the entire laundry room becomes the perfect spot for a fire.

Hire The Dryer Cleaning Pros

Don’t wait until you notice signs that the dryer is giving up or overheating before calling the professionals to clean the vents. Never risk your safety and the safety of others, especially when the fire can be prevented with very minimal effort on your part. Invest in dryer cleaning for the winter and sleep easier knowing a dryer fire is no longer a threat to your home.

When JCS Home Services do a vent cleaning service, we can assure you that our team of professionals deliver a top-quality job. Contact us today to schedule!