Working a pest control company in Boise: Things to know!

Home Improvement

By the time you find pests in plain sight, the actual situation is much worse. Homeowners in Boise often make the mistake of relying on DIY pest control methods and products, which barely work beyond the surface level. If you are worried about the safety & health of your family, or the fact that pests may cause structural damage to your home, call an exterminator right away. Here are some tips to consider for working with a pest control company in Boise

Get an estimate in advance

No matter how complicated the job may seem, or the profile of the pest control company, you must insist on getting a written estimate. Stay away from services that have a fixed price for every other pest control job. A professional exterminator will send their pest control experts to Boise home, to check the actual extent of infestation. Based on the review and work involved, they will give an estimate. Also, you must have a clear contract with the pest control company. 

Know the company better

If you are working with a new pest control company, or are hiring one for the first time, it’s wise to ask more details. Is the company licensed? How long they have been in the business? Can they share a few references? Do they have a physical address and office? Do they have a website? Do they have good reviews online? Keep in mind that not all pest control companies are same, and it is wise to do some initial homework before hiring one. Also, don’t forget to ask about insurance. A professional pest control company should have both liability and workers’ compensation insurance. 

Stay involved

Most pest control activities do have an impact on the environment, primarily because of the pesticides, chemicals, and products used. As a homeowner, you need to ask the company if they are doing anything for sustainable pest control. If you have pets and kids at home, be more specific about the means and methods used by the exterminator. Staying involved with the work done is important, not just for the environment but also for the safety of your family. Most exterminators will offer some assurance on the work done, so warranty on the job is as important.

Finally, make sure that the pest control service is responsive and quick with their work. You don’t want to wait for days for an exterminator to reply.