LED- the savior from over electricity consumption

Home Improvement

Do you know that LED lights are much more efficient both from the perspective of energy consumption and also from the point of view of economic viability? Well, many people think that LEDs do not produce much light and they think that its costlier at the time of buying so rather they prefer normal light but actually with the advancements in this field of LED lights. They have become much cheaper and efficient than the regular lights; for example, if you take an LED tube it gives out better light density than the regular ones, and they also do not give out many shadows. On the other hand, the energy consumption is lesser than the regular ones, and moreover, they have a greater overall life span than the regular ones hence if you think of getting a new tube the better choice would be LED tube ( หลอด led, which is the term in Thai).

Thinklite- the innovation to the world of LED lights

Thinklite, one of the global leaders in the field of light manufacturing, has launched their new range of high end LED products ranging from LED tubes, LED Street lamp ( โคม ไฟ ถนน led, which is the term in Thai), LED bulbs, etc.

This new range of LEDs is developed in partnership with Germany based company and also with Samsung R&D division. The companies together have come up with A1 LED chips that help in lessening heat accumulation in the LEDs on the other hands the parts of the LEDs have been reduced with a lesser number of parts the shelf and overall life span of the products have increased. LEDs from Thinklite are much cheaper than the current market rate. Thus they become economically viable as well. So if you are in Thailand and thinking about getting new lights then go with Thinklite LEDs.