Signs that show your water heater need immediate replacement

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Having hot water is not a luxury, but a necessity, especially during winter season. Well-maintained heaters tend to function more efficiently and also last for over a decade. Once your heater has completed a decade of service, it is high time to get it replaced. Perhaps, it may not be displaying obvious signs for making replacement. But on reaching their lifespan, they simply will stop functioning properly. This is why the certified Hot water plumber Hobart suggests replacing the old ones with new modern ones to increase efficiency.

Signs to know to replace existing water heater

  • Discolored water: If the water heater experiences corrosion, then you will find hot water emerging in various colors like brown, orange or red. Corrosion means facing serious issues. It may cause major issues in the plumbing system or leakage. It can also cause health issues. Hence, you should take help of the authorized Hot water plumber Hobart to replace the corroded system.
  • Inflated heating bills: The system runs on power and tends to consume maximum energy used at the home. An inefficient working heater will only result in inflated energy bills. You may get an inflated bill and think it is much more than what you have actually used. If so, then you should get the hot water system checked by the qualified Hot water plumber Hobart to find out if it creating this issue. Accordingly, the plumber will repair or replace the unit.
  • Age of the system: The heater’s lifespan in general ranges between 11 – 20 years. Each unit’s life expectancy will depend upon the heater type, brand and model. In case the heater starts to develop problems in its later stage, then replacing it will be an affordable choice than repairing it. If the water heater develops problems, then it should first be repaired as replacing will be a bit expensive option. Otherwise, consider replacing it.
  • Not having sufficient amount of hot water: The system might fail to provide the amount of hot water that it used to do before. It could be problems arising with the tank are heating element or the thermostat settings. The professional Hot water plumber Hobart can diagnose the unit thoroughly and find out the prevailing issues. This will help save unnecessary hassle and money.

Since you now know the different signs showed by an old hot water system, you should consider replacement to ensure deriving hot water.