Looking for Premises for Your Growing Business

Home Improvement

Your business is doing well, and it is growing, which is, of course, fantastic news, but what now? As your business is growing, it is needing more space – more space for people to work in, more space for clients to visit, and more storage space for your products and goods. Whether you are already in a business premises or you are running your business from home, you must accept that there comes a time when every business needs more space, and to ensure your business keeps pushing forwards, you must find this space within suitable new premises.

Location Matters

Where your premises are matters; for example, you need to be close to your business premises for ease of access and in case of emergencies. You also need a location that is suitable for others to visit too, especially if you have customers or clients visiting. If you have found a cheap storage unit in the middle of nowhere with no parking then this might be good for storage products and goods but not so great at welcoming paying customers and clients. To get the right location, you have to think about what you really need and want, and not forgetting too what your customers need. Having a readily accessible location may cost more, but if it is increasing sales and potential footfall, then isn’t the extra cost worth it in the long run?

Know Your Budget

How much you want to spend on new premises and how much you can afford to spend is important. You want to ensure that you get good value for money so, it is important that you research the areas and the types of premises you are looking for. Even a few extra kilometers can raise the price of a unit or premise, so keep in mind what zip code you want and can afford.

Something Fit for Purpose

Not all premises are suitable for you, and not all will be suitable for your business. For example, if you run a car sales business, then you will want to look at suitable car storage units, whereas if you run a beauty salon, you will want to be looking at locations in a town. There is no one size fits all premises or unit that will suit your business, so you have to have a rough idea and vision of what you want before you start your search. When you view properties and units, you must think about how your business will work from there, and you need to ensure it is future-proof, allowing you space for growth and development.

Room for Growth

Of course, as you start growing, it doesn’t necessarily need to stop. You can keep planning for business growth and expansion. Therefore, when you are looking for new premises, you need to ensure that what you go for can accommodate your ambitions and your business both now and moving forwards. If the premises are good for now but perhaps not big enough for 2-3 years down the line, then you will be moving again, which will once again be a costly inconvenience.