Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Commercial Eiko Lighting

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Businesses can’t function well without adequate commercial lighting, they go there to obtain their daily dose of Vitamin Light, after all. When properly lit, a business can create an inviting atmosphere that makes clients feel at ease. However, there are several difficulties associated with commercial lighting that are common to any type of machinery. 

But with enough preparation and care, you can make your lighting not only useful but also an integral component of your overall business strategy. You can get more bang for your buck from your business lighting setup than you might expect with just a little bit of research and planning. If you want to get the most out of your lighting setups, consider these suggestions.

Plan Your Lighting Strategies Before You Buy

Before you even head out to the commercial Eiko Lighting aisle to pull out your checklists and get to work, make sure that you have a solid understanding of the different lighting options available to you. For instance, do you want to light up just the store’s front, or do you want the entire building to glow? How high should the lights be set so that shoppers have no trouble perceiving prices and reading product labels?

All of them are vital inquiries to make before making any kind of buy. Now that you have this foundational knowledge, you may move on to exploring other facets of lighting that contribute to economic success. In what way do you hope your business will be perceived by its patrons? How do you find the atmosphere? All of these should play a role in how you approach lighting.

Assess Where You’ll Need Lighting

The first step towards getting the most out of your lighting investment is understanding where exactly you’ll need to install it. While this may seem like a simple thing to do, it’s surprisingly common for commercial establishments to have a mishmash of lighting systems throughout the building. If this is the case with your business, you may not even know where the light fixtures are. 

To get things under control, it’s important to assess where you’ll need lighting, and where you won’t. To do this, you’ll want to factor in factors such as where the busiest areas of your business are. This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many establishments forget to assess this crucial detail.

Think About The Functions You Need From Lighting

Besides simply illuminating a storefront, commercial lighting can also have a security purpose. Despite widespread confusion between the two, each serves a unique function. Security lights, for instance, might draw attention to potential hazards in your facility, whether to customers, staff, or other structures. Floodlights and/or high-intensity LEDs are commonly used to accomplish this.

Commercial lighting’s goal is to set a certain tone and ambiance when lighting stores, to accomplish this, designers frequently employ the use of color and/or indirect lighting. Colors like yellow, orange, and red on the warm end of the spectrum and blue and purple on the cool end are all fair game.


To get the most out of your money spent on commercial lighting, you need to plan where and how you’ll use it. This will help you acquire fittings of the appropriate height and shade. Keep in mind the necessity to maintain modern, UV-free lighting whenever you update or add to your existing lighting system. Keeping these guidelines in mind will have you well on your way to maximizing the return on investment in your business’s lighting.