Warming Drawer in the Kitchen: Is It worth Buying: Tips, Information & Experiences

Home Improvement

You have invited guests to yourself, cook several courses like a world champion and have everything coordinated so that each dish ends up warm and ready to eat on your plate. Just add the lemon zest, parsley and balsamic cream decoration and you’re ready to serve. But by the time all six guests have a fragrant course in front of them, everyone has toasted a nice evening and the cook has also sat down, the food is already lukewarm. The last bite is then no longer even lukewarm, but cold. That’s why a warming drawer is needed. We’ll tell you if and when it is worth buying a warming drawer and what to consider when buying.


These types of Drawers for sale are built-in appliances that can be mounted in any kitchen cabinet. They are electric and warm up everything that goes into them – not just dishes but also food (in case the guests are late again). The device can be set to generate temperatures between 40 and 80 degrees.

Sizes & Energy Consumption

A warming drawer that can hold six plates at a time measures around 56 cm in width, 15 cm in height and 55 cm in depth. A drawer that holds 40 plates measures around 56 cm in width, 30 cm in height and 55 cm in depth. The average connection value is around 800 watts, which is more energy-efficient than any oven or kettle.


Usually a warming drawer is integrated into the kitchen cabinet. It should be noted that this requires a power connection that must be fed from the rear. This can be time-consuming, especially when retrofitting. Another solution is to put the drawer under the oven for those who enjoy bending over.


A warming drawer is extremely practical, but it is quite a blow to the bank. A small drawer that heats plates and espresso cups for around six people is available in stores from $ 300. The bigger the drawer the higher the price is. For the big Christmas family dinner for 20 people, you have to get the big version. You have to reckon with at least 600 $. Or you just grind your teeth back on the oven.

Experience: Is It Worth Buying?

The question is legitimate as a warming drawer is a small investment after all. It is extremely practical, especially when the dish is a small gourmet course that can cool down quickly. However, if you only cook one main course for yourself and your family at home and don’t put a four-course menu on the table every day, the investment is probably not recommended. And if you do boil for your guests, you can simply warm up the plates in the oven. The warming drawer is practical, but only recommended for large hobby cooks in the private sector.