What is a germicidal lamp?

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Germicidal lamps are invented about 70 years ago. The invention of these lamps was based on the discovery of UV-C rays. It is one of the UV rays coming to Earth from the Sun. Unlike other UV rays, it is harmless. Even prolonged exposure to UV-C rays does cause any serious complication. The process of working of a germicidal lamp is really simple and it advocates the usefulness of UV-C rays. These germicidal lamps produce UV-C rays. UV-C rays have the ability to destroy viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Actually, infectious diseases are transferred by bacteria and viruses. Germicidal lamps kill these microorganisms and stop the disease from spreading. This is the basic use of germicidal lamps. These lamps are also used for various other purposes. With the advancement of science, these lamps are playing an important role in the technology sector.

Use of UVC lamps in the sterilization process:

UVC lamp is being widely used as a sterilizer [เครื่องฆ่าเชื้อ, which is the term in Thai]. Sterilization is the process of making something germ free. You might have noticed the use of lamps in the water purifier. These are UVC lamps that destroy the germs. The process of sterilization does not stop here. Sterilization is even more important in the field of surgery. The tools used by a surgeon are used for different patients. In the past, most diseases spread due to this reason but it was not known at that time. A surgeon uses the same tools on different patients. Thus, germs are transferred from an unhealthy person to a healthy person. UVC lamps are being used for various sterilization techniques.

Improve your air quality by using UVC lamps:

The air around us is the carrier of most of the germs. You may notice that people get seasonal diseases only during a specific time period. It is due to the reason that air carries those germs. If you want to protect yourself then you must ensure that the air around you is totally pure. IAQ refers to the quality of air in a closed place. You can use UVC lamps to kill microorganisms and to make the air free from germs.