Serious Damage a Pest Infestation can Cause

Home Improvement

Often, it is not easy to tell that you have a pest infestation. Unfortunately, pests will damage your house whether or not you know they are in it. This means that the more you discover you have pests the sooner you can practice pest control in Schertz, TX and eliminate the pests you are dealing with. Some of the damage that pests cause is not easy to see until they have become significant. They can cause the following damage even if they don’t cross your path:

Creating Drafts

To get into your house, pests search for or make small access points near doors, windows, or the foundation. They usually push their way through insulation or weatherstripping. The access points become useful for other pests that want to take residence in your house. Unfortunately, the small gaps they create can become the source of hidden drafts. In turn, these drafts help other pests such as mice and rats find their way in. Also, drafts drive up indoor humidity, force your HVAC system to work harder, and make your house uncomfortable. You can prevent pests by fixing drafts.

Damaging Wooden Structures

Pests such as termites, beetles, carpenter ants, and powder post can inflict serious damage on wooden structures. Unfortunately, you may only identify this damage when it’s already significant enough. Carpenter ants and termites often break down wood in places where damage is not directly noticeable. Although these wood-destroying pests don’t inflict damage overnight, the damage they inflict can get significant. 

Causing Electrical Damage

Mice and rats sharpen their teeth on electrical cords. As they frequently chew the plastic cover over cords, they expose the wiring within. In some instances, they may damage the wire itself, releasing the electrical current. The electrical damage rodents can cause can go unnoticed until it becomes a serious issue. Aside from being an electrocution hazard, damaged electrical wires can overload and short out or even damage attached appliances. And exposed wires can overheat and spark, which could result in electrical fires. 

Damaging Paper Products

Termites, roaches, and lice can tear into paper as a food source. Paper damage is often hard to identify as pests go after stored paper products. Also, paper offers pests material to build nests in and food for their young. This makes it important to store paper products in humidity and temperature-controlled places. Paper that has to be stored for long periods must be kept in airtight, hard-plastic containers.