What Is A Column

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In the construction area, a column is considered as elongated and vertical support, which gives you the ability to support the entire weight of the structure you want to build, being able to have both a circular and quadrangular shape.

The Types Of Columns In A Work

In construction, there are three types of columns that you can make, being these:

  1. Steel columns: classified as simple, using unique or composite profiles, where you can use different combinations.
  2. Wooden columns: here, you can choose from different types, such as laminated, composite, assembled, and solid wood, the latter being the most used in construction.
  3. Concrete columns: in this type of column, cement is the protagonist, also using concrete emptying techniques.

And it is in the last type of column where we are going to stop since it is the most used column in construction, so you must be clear about everything about the process of elaboration and materials of these.

  • Reinforcement steel: they are rods that are placed longitudinally, and as the name implies, they are to reinforce your cement structure. Quality steel is used regardless of the Steel price (ราคา เหล็ก ,which is the term in Thai)
  • Formwork: this is the framework that can be both wood and metal plates, which will receive the concrete that will later form the wall.
  • Emptying the concrete: before emptying, it is recommended to moisten the inside faces of the form so as not to lose the properties of the mixture and carefully carry out the transfer of the concrete.
  • Element curing: for curing, I recommend using plastic coatings to prevent moisture leakage.

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