Things To Know About Parking Corner Guard

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The parking corner protector is a product designed to cushion the impact of the car when maneuvering in parking spaces. The use of these protectors to protect the vehicle brings more excellent safety and peace of mind to the driver when maneuvering, as spaces are often narrow, which causes difficulties for those who own large cars.

A parking corner protector with corner guards rubber is a product made from EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate). Using this material as a protective method allows the car to contact the parking corner protector to have a smooth and free contact—scratches in the dye.

Applicability Of The End Guard For Parking

The parking corner protector is used on the support columns at the edge of parking spaces. The protector has specific measures, and the protection height can be 0.75cm installed with 1.10m high, which serves about 90% of current cars, 0.85cm installed with 1.20m high, which serves about 98% of current cars, or 0.95cm installed at 1.30m high that meets practically 100% of current car brands.

Edge Guard For Parking – Versatility, And Advantages

Sizes and thicknesses also vary from model to model, depending on the width and type of column present in the parking lots. The parking corner protector thickness also varies to suit the columns of spaces in open or closed parking lots.

The default colors for a parking corner protector are yellow and black. The protector can also be zebra painted and can be self-adhesive. All these options are available to customers when choosing what best suits them.

General Characteristics And Uses Of The Parking Stop

Generally using EVA as raw material, the parking stop is responsible for protecting parts of the vehicle when maneuvering inside the parking lot. It is installed in strategic locations, such as columns or walls, partially or totalitarian.

With this extensive use, the parking stop can be molded directly into the installation surface, allowing for greater harmony in the environment and developing practicality for the consumer. In addition, its thickness is generally set at 10 mm, which ensures vehicle protection and structural stability in case of direct impact.